Internet Casinos

What are internet casinos? Just like you have land casinos, where you go for entertainment or to try your luck, there are also internet casinos, which allow you to stay at home and do the same thing. One could say that internet casinos are online venues with faster and more comfortable access to high-quality games and prizes that are often as big as in their land counterparts. That’s surely one of the reasons why this industry is one of the fastest expanding fields of gaming in general, constantly attracting more and more players and generating more and more income from year to year.

If you’d like to learn more about internet casinos, stay on the page because here we will elaborate on all the main features and characteristics of online casinos – their history and background, the games they offer, types of internet casinos, promotions, and everything else that you need to know before you start playing in an online casino.

How it all began: It’s quite difficult to imagine what it was like before internet casinos. And it wasn’t that long ago that they emerged – back in 1990s is when it all began, with a small Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda which in 1994 passed a legislation titled the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act, turning itself into the first licensing jurisdiction for online casinos. After this move, the industry started blooming and positioning itself high on the gaming ladder, with millions of users, thousands of casinos and software providers, as well as numerous licensing jurisdictions in the fast-growing market.

Types of internet casinos:

When it comes to different sorts of online casinos, it comes down to the differentiation based on their interface. Therefore, they can be flash casinos, download casinos, or both. Flash internet casinos are those that let you play games directly from the site, without requiring downloads. They came later than downloadable casinos, which still make up most of the industry. Speaking of which, these differ from flash casinos by the fact that players need to download the casino software in order to play. And even though you need to download them, which takes a bit of time, these casinos usually run faster than flash casinos. In addition, in cases when casinos exist in both versions, the download-based part usually contains many more games than the flash version.

One should also keep an eye for live internet casinos, which usually form a part of a regular casino’s offering and provide an authentic experience, as similar as it gets to land-based casinos. They will be covered in-depth in the following section.

Legality of internet casinos:

While this pastime gains on popularity, it’s still not being officially accepted, allowed and regulated in so many countries and markets, including some highly developed countries, such as the United States. This may be partly due to strong anti-gambling lobbies in the countries, or perhaps because influential land casinos firmly hold on to the market and fear that internet operations could represent a threat. In any case, the situation is slowly moving forward in favour of internet gambling, and more and more markets opt for regulation and taxation of the pastime rather than pushing it underground.

Yet, it’s highly recommendable for new players to get acquainted to the related laws in the state where they reside and figure out the position of internet gambling there before they start playing for real money.

In the end, the broad prospective of internet casinos seems to be rather positive. Internet gambling has been gaining momentum ever since it emerged, and it doesn’t seem to stop at all. That’s why the interest in online casinos and their ever expanding, constantly improved offering keeps growing, attracting more and more players, affiliates, investors and legislators who’d like to take part and get a piece of the exciting action called internet gambling.


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